Efficient Password Manager Pro is a software utility, developed in order to help individuals manage all their accounts and passkeys.

After a simple and uneventful installation process, you are greeted by a plain looking interface, which allows both novice and power users to work with it, without experiencing issues. In addition to that, it consists of a navigation panel, several shortcut buttons, a menu bar and a pane in which to view all kinds of details.

Data can be imported from CSV and TXT files, while exporting is available in CSV or HTML formats.

The software tool integrates a password generator, in which individuals can input the length and choose type of characters to be used (digits, capitalized, normal or special).

When adding a new passkey to the program, you are required to write title, location, username, importance, creation date, comments (if necessary) and attachments. Software registration codes forms are quite similar, while the one for websites requires you to also add e-mail address, webmail URL, incoming and outgoing server details (host, port authentication type etc.).

You should know it is possible to create new groups in which to store your passwords and there is a search function you can make use of. Aside from that, you can automatically backup all your data, as well as benefit from a spell checking tool.

With a customizable and intuitive interface, minimal usage of CPU and memory, good response time and a feature-rich environment, Efficient Password Manager Pro proves to be a useful password management software. You can also take advantage of Portable Efficient Password Manager Pro and bypass the installation process.