EgisTec Shredder is a tool created to help you securely delete files from your computer.

The app has a nice and clean interface that focuses on the list of files you want to delete.

You can either add files by browsing your disks or by dragging and dropping them in the user interface. Also, you can add individual files or entire folders.

If you change your mind about the items you want to permanently delete from your computer, you can do this in a very easy manner: you only need to click a button on the interface.

EgisTec Shredder practically overwrites your files multiple times with random data so that they cannot be retrieved or recovered in any way. According to the developers, the app uses the same shredding algorithm as the American Department of Defense, a secure national standard technology.

The app can complete complex tasks, although the time required to process files is proportional to the amount of data that needs to be deleted.

Apart from using the app’s interface to remove files, you can also right-click any document and choose “Shred” from the menu.

However, the software doesn’t offer any other options, besides file deletion. Unlike other similar apps, EgisTec Shredder doesn’t support disk sanitization.

The fact of the matter is that EgisTec Shredder is a nice program that can help you securely delete those files on your computer that are considered a risk to your privacy.