When we hear of Egypt, we mostly think about its history, a history dominated by pyramids, pharaohs, the power of the Nile and an entire pantheon of Gods we all have heard of before without even being native Egyptians.

Egypt 3D Screensaver takes all those iconic Egyptian elements and brings them together into one simple screensaver.

The visuals are a bit tricky to explain, as they are a mix of elements that are so well designed that you'de swear you are looking at videos of the real thing, while other elements are designed in a way you'd think were designed by an amateur in some basic 3D modeling app.

The visuals that look good are the lighting and the shadows that go along with it, the water effects and most of the environmental details. Additionally, you can't help but praise how massive some of the maps are, like the Nile scene, where you can look ahead and not see where either sand or water end.

On the other hand, some elements have poor designs, such as the models of some statues, or the way some piles of sand are rendered since they are so blocky you'd think they are pyramids.

Regardless of whichever scene came into view, Egypt 3D Screensaver behaved perfectly, showing no performance spikes or drops in FPS. However, those of you that are still using older computer systems might encounter some issues, especially at the Nile scene where there is a lot of water and therefore reflections.

In case that happens, you can reduce some of the graphical and audio settings to ensure a smoother experience.

Although Egypt 3D Screensaver is pretty dated, it is not yet buried in the sand like the tombs and pyramids it depicts, and in some aspects still manages to hold its own even by today's screensaver standards. This timeless nature suits a screensaver depicting remnants of ancient history very well.