Egypt has a vast history of having one of the most powerful empires in ancient times, and a constant reminder of those times is the burial tombs of the pharaohs: the pyramids.

Egyptian Pyramids 3D Screensaver is a desktop enhancement tool that will allow you to visit these majestic feats of construction engineering.

What strikes you at first when you watch this screensaver is the sense of how expanded everything seems. Due to how the sand dunes are placed and because of their shading, you can never tell if the area where the earth meets the sky is either close or far away, so by default you believe that everything is much wider than it may actually be.

The 3D models are fine considering that all the screensaver showcases are ruins and buildings with exact geometrical shapes. One area the screensaver is severely lacking in is the texture department since they make the whole ensemble look like a cutscene from an early 2000's game

The lack of complex shapes or advanced resource-hungry features such as water reflections or fluid animations makes the app have little to no effect on your system's overall performance. Also, because of the screensaver's theme, there are few elements that needed rendering besides the ruins and the ground. so that is also a plus.

However, if you do manage to experience any performance issues while running this app, you can always just try and reduce some of the graphics and audio settings from the screensaver manager. Thanks to these customizations, you can rest assured that this app will run even if you have an older computer system.

Pyramids are one of the wonders of the ancient worlds, so it's no wonder that Egyptian Pyramids 3D Screensaver deserves a place in any history aficionado's digital library.