eJobsTracker is an efficient and lightweight piece of software developed to provide freelancers with the ability to constantly be on the lookout for new jobs that are posted in the online environment.

The program requires a simple and uneventful installation process, after which you can begin working with it, looking for new assignments on the web, all from a straight-forward and approachable interface, so even the least experienced can use it to the fullest.

The main window of eJobsTracker lists the most recent job offers that were posted and match your search criteria, enabling you to access them just by clicking on the provided link. The URL will open in your default browser, letting you better analyze the employment opportunity, and decide whether to apply or not.

In the 'Preferences' tab, eJobsTracker you can choose from the available websites, namely oDesk, eLance and Freelancer. You can also opt for the preferred category of offers, and even a subcategory, if several are available and you wish to focus your search on a specific skill.

The main 'Categories' include 'Programming Jobs', 'Design Jobs', 'Writing jobs', 'Marketing Jobs', 'Administrative Jobs', 'Consulting Jobs', 'Legal Jobs' and 'Engineering Jobs', allowing you to select one or more that fit your abilities.

In order to refine your search, you can select the proper 'Subcategory', then create 'Filtering Rules', so you can easily distinguish between offers you like or are interested in and the ones that do not appeal to you or that you feel  you are not qualified for. Additionally, the 'Config' section lets you apply various colors to signal the level of relevance of various jobs, based on their rank.

To summarize, eJobsTracker is a useful and easy to understand application which can assist you as a freelancer, to look for new job opportunities on the web and keep informed about any new offer.