Since most people who use a smartphone on a daily basis store valuable information on their device, they are advised to create backups as often as possible so as to be able to restore their data in the event of phone theft or crash.

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is one of the applications you can turn to when you want to explore the info included within your created backups without restoring them to a handset.

It needs to be mentioned that Elcomsoft Phone Viewer supports several types of mobile backups, yet they all need to be decrypted, i.e. not protected by a password.

In other words, you can access backups created for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as BlackBerry 10 devices or Windows Phone 8/8.1 handsets. Some of these backups first need to be decrypted using other software solutions, such as Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker.

Regardless of the backup file you are interested in, you need to either browse to its location or drag and drop it onto the main window of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, then wait some time until its contents is processed.

Due to this app, you can preview a wide range of data related to your phone, such as OS version, serial number and IMEI, along with GUID and phone number.

Depending on the mobile phone, you can view the stored calendar entries, call logs, contacts list, messages and notes.

All in all, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer can come in handy to all those who want to explore the data stored in their created mobile backups without actually restoring it on their device.

This can be of use when you have created multiple backups and you want to choose which one should be restored to your iOS, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone 8/8.1 device.