Desktop widgets provide you with an fun and interactive way of performing various tasks or find out general information. ELEMENTS OF NATURE HD Edition presents itself as a flexible desktop widget that not only deals with weather analysis and retrieval, but can change your background image depending on the weather.

The application optimally runs when you have a stable Internet connection, as well as Java installed and running on your computer.

The program provides you with an elegant and efficient way of finding out information about the weather, by retrieving data such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, sunset and sunrise hours, relative visibility and atmospheric pressure.

All this information can be quickly retrieved for various parts of the world, given that you can search for a famous city or region. The widget will display relevant results about your search, them retrieve data about the weather in that region.

ELEMENTS OF NATURE HD Edition can be set to change your desktop background image to one that matches the weather displayed. By doing so, it sets a certain mood for you, reflected by the weather conditions outside.

Furthermore, the application can report weather conditions using a virtual presenter, that can be set to speak about various weather reports. By doing so, you can work without having to check the widget every time you want to find out about the weather, as the program will present it whenever changes occur.

To sum it up, ELEMENTS OF NATURE HD Edition is ideal for finding out information about the weather across the world, all provided through an interactive widget, that can automatically change your desktop background so that it matches the weather conditions retrieved.