Everybody likes to be informed of the weather conditions before going on a long trip or even a stroll in the park.

While you could just take a look outside the window and view the current conditions, you might need more specialized help to get the forecast for the next few days. Elements Of Nature PRO Edition is one such tool.

It needs to be mentioned from the beginning that you need to have Java on your PC before trying to install this app. If Java is not detected, the setup offers to download and install it for you, so can enjoy the functions of Elements Of Nature PRO Edition within seconds, provided you are connected to the Internet as well.

The interface is appealing, with smooth animation effects and nice looking icons. The utility also comes packed with audio effects, meaning that you can actually hear a voice reading you the current temperature and weather conditions for the selected location; if you do not like it, you can disable it with a single click.

The application includes several default locations, yet you can enter custom ones by simply typing the city name you are interested in. Even if you look up the weather for numerous cities, only the last five ones are remembered, and you can toggle between them with ease.

For each location you specify, Elements Of Nature PRO Edition quickly generates a 5-day forecast with a flurry of details. For instance, you can view not only the expected temperature but also the heat index and the dew points, along with the exact dates for sunrise or moonrise.

Moreover, you can examine the chances of rain, snow, frost or fog for the upcoming days, which can come in handy if you are planning a trip to the mountains.

If you prefer to review all this information in a graphic form, you can analyze the provided chart, where you get to choose the type of data that is displayed.

Elements Of Nature PRO Edition is not all about weather-related information, as it also packs some nifty widgets. More precisely, you can keep an eye on the RAM and CPU usage levels due to an integrated widget that can be positioned on your desktop. Another one can monitor the amount of free disk space on each of your drives.

Additionally, this app also includes a calendar where you can enter your scheduled events and set up reminders or recurrence intervals for each of them.

All in all, Elements Of Nature PRO Edition can be the right weather app for you, especially considering most of its parameters can be customized to one’s liking with only a few mouse clicks.