You can learn a lot about all the known chemical elements by just taking a look at the periodic table, but an interactive version makes it much easier to understand everything.

Elements: The Periodic Table is a useful application that provides extensive information about the elements and features a sleek, intuitive UI. It is a great educational tool, both for students and those who are just interested in chemistry.

You can install this app on your PC, smartphone or tablet so as to have a detailed periodic table at hand whenever you need some information. The user interface is well designed, so navigating between menus is not at all difficult.

Each element’s main properties are displayed when hovering over their icons, and you can click them to view every piece of information the application can offer. External links to informative websites are also provided.

The app enables you to learn more about the elements’ history, properties, name origin, application and hazards, while also including helpful images and an electron shell diagram for each one. For a fee, you can also unlock an extra feature and view detailed information on isotopes.

Additionally, it is possible to select two elements at the same time and view their properties side by side, making it much easier to understand the differences between them.

Those who like to study late at night should be pleased to find that a darker background theme is also available, making the application’s normally bright UI much easier on the eyes. You can also choose between a number of accent colors or stick to the current Windows one.

On the whole, Elements: The Periodic Table is an application that we can recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about the chemical elements. It is a great study aid, and it can be installed on both desktop and mobile devices.