Eleven is a useful and intuitive piece of software created to offer you the ability of capturing the audio calls you make on Skype, saving them to your computer while also transcribing the messages to editable text.

The application displays a fairly simple and attractive appearance, its looks making it accessible even for the least experienced individuals, as there is very little for you to do, other than make your call on Skype.

The main window of Eleven displays the previously recorded conversations and the equivalent written contents, so you can both read and listen to it at the same time, through the built-in player.

The first time you work with this program, you will need to authorize it in your Skype window, so it can start capturing the audio stream. Afterward, this access confirmation will no longer be necessary, enabling you to work with it as needed.

You should bear in mind the fact that Eleven does not launch on its own when you log into Skype, so you will need to run it from its shortcut or executable file. Subsequently, it will automatically capture all the calls that you make or receive, without prompting you for anything, simply displaying the ‘Call duration’ window in the lower right corner of your screen.

Each entry is timestamped, and the conversation partner’s name is associated with it. When you hang up, Eleven will begin processing your call and attempt to transcribe the audio to text.

Once complete, it will display the lines in a queue, allowing you to edit them if you think some mistakes were made that could influence the understanding of the message. The ‘Export’ button assigned to each entry enables you to save the conversation to PDF, DOC or TXT format, as well as WAV or MP3, to any folder on your system.

In conclusion, Eleven proves to be a handy and easy to understand utility that you can rely on to capture all your Skype conversations, allowing you to obtain a transcription of each one with minimal effort entailed.