eLibrary Creator is a comprehensive piece of software that allows you to gather multiple types of resources and integrate them into a custom eLibrary. The application provides everything you need in order to design and publish your eLibrary without the need for any special knowledge or past experience with this kind of tools.

eLibrary Creator displays a well put together interface which guarantees that you will be able to assemble your library in the shortest time possible. At first you might find yourself clicking all over what looks like the workspace but with no success as you can’t really change anything from there.

That seems to be the only thing you might encounter as a setback to creating projects. Once you access the ‘Wizard’ function, it’s a cinch to add new project information or edit existing. With it it’s easy to add a title, caption, insert a video banner and an image, add web info and descriptions for the project.

You can also add detailed information about the author and deploy the project in a very short time as all you have to do is simply make your way through some neatly organized tabs and fill in the information.

An important aspect that has successfully been treated in eLibrary Creator is the way you can add files. It allows you to insert a file at a time or import an entire folder in one go. Since a library can contain a wide variety of subjects, the application enables you to create custom ones. It’s possible to assign root and sub categories, as well as append information about the author, publisher, language, ISBN, year and other parameters.

Batch mode is a lot similar to the single file import method but comes with an additional feature. Seeing as how eLibrary Creator supports the use of multiple media categories such as Flash, eBooks, audio, video and .exe, you can filter the type of content you want to add.

To sum things up, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to create an eLibrary in a simple and practical way, then you can try eLibrary Creator, especially since a good number of handy features have been left for you to discover.