eLinkerMail is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that adds tracking capabilities to the email client. The purpose of eLinkerMail is to help you secure the messages you send by enabling certain safety measures and be notified when the recipient opens it. Moreover, it features a separate counter for emails that contain attachments or links.

The purpose of eLinkerMail is to help you track the messages and documents that you send via email, as well as apply certain security measures. The plugin is designed especially for Microsoft Outlook and allows you to encode an email right before you send it.

Moreover, it displays a dashboard in the email client’s interface, with separate counters for messages, links and attachments. You can thus receive notifications whenever the recipient of a particular message has opened the email, downloaded the attachments or accessed the links.

On the other hand, whenever the other user receives a message that was encoded with eLinkerMail, they are required to open the email in a secure window.

Each new email window features the eLinkerMail dashboard, which allows you to enable/disable the available options. You can activate the expiration date or the expiration term as a security method. Thus, if the message you sent remains unopened in the recipient’s inbox past the due date/day, it is automatically erased.

Moreover, you can encrypt the message using a password that you need to transmit to the recipient or enable the delivery ringtone. The dashboard in your inbox can indicate which of the messages were received or read, as well as retrieve the geographic location where it was opened.

eLinkerMail allows you to follow all the messages that you send and separately monitor the links or the attachments. Moreover, it can display the exact location where the emails were opened, the links accessed or attachments downloaded. Additionally, the plugin can detect the exact date and time the message was received and opened.