EM Auto Clicker is a software solution that enables you to perform multiple mouse clicks at specific intervals on a set of given coordinates without significant efforts.

Installing this application has proven to be quite simplistic, as there is no additional or complicated configuration needed during the setup.

After launching the installer, you just need to decide whether you need a desktop shortcut icon or not and click the "Install" button, as the rest of the process is carried out automatically. You don't even need to specify a destination path.

This program can help you perform automatic mouse clicks at a specified time interval and defined coordinates. You can choose whether the mouse performs a left or a right click, but no middle mouse click is available in the options. If you want to test its abilities right away, you can press the "F8" key on your keyboard as soon as the app is launched.

Setting an auto-clicker can help you if you're working on a project that requires constant interaction that can be achieved through clicking or you're playing a game that needs you to perform actions every once in a while. Mainly, auto-clickers can help you bypass anti-idle systems.

EM Auto Clicker comes with a simple configuration menu that enables you to create a clicking pattern so that the action will be performed as accurately as possible.

For instance, you can specify the time interval between two consecutive clicks, decide which mouse button should be clicked (you can also select both), set the number of clicks, define the coordinates and impose a click limit.

Coordinates can be either set manually by typing the desired values in the designated fields or by using the "Capture" function to automatically load the values based on the position of your mouse pointer.

In conclusion, if you're in need of a simple auto clicking tool, you might want to give EM Auto Clicker a try, as it offers you quite a few useful adjustable features that can simplify your tasks.