When running a big sales business it needs to be taken online and equipped with an appealing presentation. Creating a proper first impression makes a product sell nearly by itself. Applications like eMagCreator give you the possibility to design just the right magazine to display commercial products in a visually appealing manner.

The application's core functions is to give you the possibility to convert any PDF document longer than 2 pages into a digital, interactive book. After the desired file is selected you can choose to use a wizard to get the result in a few easy steps, or thoroughly manage every detail with advanced settings.

Probably the biggest disappointment is that regardless of your choice, there is no implemented function that allows you to preview your work to know if it needs any adjustments. The interface is only fitted with text fields, drop-down menus and boxes than can be ticked.

Along with the main window you get access to the help manual to aid you each step of the way. Choosing the wizard brings more helpful info, the interface being equipped with necessary options to set and info on what each one does.

The advanced settings option enables you to design in a more complex workspace, with multiple tabs for each section that can be modified. From appearance to menus and general settings, nearly anything can be set.

However, as mentioned above, you are only able to view the final result by hitting the “Create eMag” button, making any adjustments requiring you to start over. Moreover, you are given the possibility to publish your work for offline use, but this option is only accessible through the advanced settings menu.

All in all, eMagCreator promises to deliver a handful of professional tools with the help of which to design a unique digital magazine. However, the overall design leaves a little something to be desired, keeping it from achieving the true potential of a professional application.