Email Address Scraper is an utility that can help you extract email addresses from a very large number of websites. You can then use these emails for contact purposes or any other task that requires them.

The application display a comprehensive interface that makes it very easy for you to extract the emails. To search a website and gather them all you have to do is enter the starting URL or URLs and click the start button. From there on, Email Address Scraper begins to harvest the information and display all the found links and addresses found.

Depending on the case, you can set the application to perform searches faster or slower, depending on the size of the website or how much time you can spare to complete the search. You can also set the depth of the search. For better results you can opt for a deep scan or perform a shallow scrape.

After the scraping is complete, the application gives you the chance to save the newly obtained information on your computer. Depending on how or where you use the extracted addresses, Email Address Scraper enables you to separate them by comma, semicolon and line. This proves very helpful if you intend to add them to a report.

The extracted addresses are displayed in a small window in the order they are found. From there you can copy them to the Windows Clipboard and paste them where they are needed.

Email Address Scraper uses very little resources so it won’t interfere with your work process or slow down your computer in any way. You can minimize it to the system tray al have it run in the background.

In closing, Email Address Scraper is a practical and reliable utility that lets you easily harvest email addresses from any number of websites with the least amount of effort.