If you work as a web developer, you probably understand and appreciate the importance of having a reliable set of tools that you can use to simplify your tasks. Emmet Re:view for Chrome is one of the utilities mentioned above, as it can help you view the desired web pages' appearance on multiple devices that you can choose from the dedicated list.

Please note that since it is a Google Chrome extension, it requires you to have the corresponding web browser installed on your computer so you can set it up and run it accordingly.

After you install it, it is possible to access this extension easily by simply clicking the dedicated button next to the address bar.

This utility requires no additional configuration, but it does provide you with a standard Options menu where you can adjust a few parameters, depending on your needs.

You can turn to Emmet Re:view if you need to display the desired web pages' appearance for several devices, and also interact with them in order to test their behavior while developing them.

After you click the extension's icon on the top toolbar, you can choose between the Breakpoints View and the Device Wall, according to your preference. If you want to change the default device, you can do so by clicking the Apple Phones menu and choosing the favorite device from the list.

Among the available categories you can find Android Phones, Apple Phones, Apple Tablets and Tablets. Each of the presets mentioned above grants you access to several devices. You can also add new devices and presets to the menu by specifying their names, screen sizes and user agents strings if needed.

All things considered, Emmet Re:view is a lightweight extension for Google Chrome that lets you view a specific webpage's aspect on various devices in an easy manner. It can be easily accessed, packs intuitive functions, enables you to add custom devices to the list and packs a simple Settings menu.