When it comes to audio files, the Internet offers a whole array of programs and applications that you could use in order to work on your files. One of them is Empro.

It's a neat software solution that helps you record sound playing on your system and create mp3 files easily. You can organize your whole mp3 collection and edit tags.

The application sports a really intuitive and lightweight graphical interface with multiple tools and features at hand. It has some options that you can adjust, but it doesn't come with extra themes to apply to the interface.

Still, you can check out multiple instructions and get accustomed to the application faster. You can also pin it to the desktop on top of other running programs.

The program records whichever sound is playing on your computer, either on your media player or even in your browser. The sound quality is quite high, so you don't need to worry about that.

It automatically splits audio into tracks by detecting silence in between them. It comes with a built-in media player for previewing your files and it normalizes MP3 volume automatically, so you don't need to roll up or down the volume knob while you play back recorded MP3. It doesn't record system sounds in your mp3 files.

It comes with a feature that allows you to load music folders inside the application and it will let you organize MP3 files that it contains. You can edit MP3 tags, change MP3 title, artist name, rating, album photo. You can sort MP3 files by title, artist, rate, created date, plays. It also lets you create playlists.

All in all, Empro is a neat and very useful application for recording sound playing on your computer and making all sort of changes to your MP3 files.