Many people fail to realize just how much information is sent to various third parties without their knowledge, and it is difficult to control this data flow without a specialized application at your disposal.

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker is a feature-packed software utility that provides you with a solution, as it enables you to monitor all network traffic and block specific ports or IP addresses.

On startup, the application opens the “Connections” tab, which, as its name suggests, lists all active connections. It displays the local port, remote port, local IP, remote IP, hostname, process ID and process name.

You can apply various filters to limit the number of entries that are displayed, as well as freeze the connections list and export it to a CSV or TXT file.

All network activity is logged, and you can specify if new log files should be generated every day, as well as exclude detected IP addresses from the readings.

It is possible to add multiple blocking rules, and these can be set for local or remote ports, as well as remote IP addresses. Additionally, you can block a specific port or IP address, list multiple values or define an entire range.

Moreover, the application allows you to block connections based on hostnames, add certain addresses to an exceptions list and block any new connections while keeping the existing ones active.

Emsa Advanced Port Blocker is certainly not difficult to use, and the tabbed interface is quite simple to navigate. Novices can even take advantage of the extensive user manual available online.

However, it has to be said that the application’s UI could use some improvements, as it is clearly out of date.

All in all, Emsa Advanced Port Blocker is a comprehensive tool that enables you to monitor network activity and block certain ports or IP addresses. It allows you to set up complex rules, and it is very easy to use, but it would benefit from a modernized interface.