Checking your computer for errors is a healthy habit, as it can keep you up-to-date with potential flaws that can affect its overall performance and well-being.

Emsa DiskCheck is one of the software solutions that can help you perform various analysis to your disks quickly and with minimum difficulty.

This program comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that lets even novices operate it without significant efforts. It packs a handful of interactive functions, as its purpose is simply analyzing your disks and provide you with helpful data.

No form of local help documentation is provided. Therefore, if you have a hard time understanding or operating its controls and are not connected to the Internet, viewing a user guide is not a viable option.

You can turn to Emsa DiskCheck if you need to perform various analysis of your disks, whether they are fixed, removable or optical ones. To do so, you just need to select a suitable category from the combo menu, choose a drive letter and hitting the Check button.

The application features a small Options pane that lets you enable cache flushing when the analysis operation starts by ticking its corresponding checkbox.

After the process ends, you can view a list of statistics and performance-related data in the dedicated panes. Among the details mentioned above you can find the elapsed time, estimated time left, amount of files and folders, errors, completion percentage, writing and reading speeds as well as an average value of the last two parameters.

Unfortunately, you cannot export these details to a file on your computer directly from the application, as it does not integrate this feature. The only way of doing so is by manually copying the information and pasting it into a document.

All in all, Emsa DiskCheck is a lightweight utility that enables you to perform analysis for your fixed, optical or removable disks and retrieve handy data about them. It comes with a simplistic interface, features no form of local help documentation and does not let you export results to a document on your PC.