If you want to keep your computer's clock as accurate as possible, you can turn to specialized software solutions to ensure that the quickest, best results are achieved.

Emsa Time Synchronizer is one of the applications that can help you achieve fast results without considerable efforts by providing you with a handful of relevant functions.

Although installing this program on the target computers was a smooth process, launching it was troublesome. On Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 operating systems, an error popped up each time we attempted to launch it. Fixing it was done by opening a Command Prompt window and typing "regsvr32 C:WindowsSysWOW64mswinsck.ocx", as the MSWINSCK.OCX component needed to be registered.

Emsa Time Synchronizer comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that packs uncomplicated functions, which are well-organized and allow even novices to operate them with minimum difficulty.

No hidden menus, windows or buttons are available, thus keeping this program as simply as possible. More so, it provides you with no standard configuration menu, but you can edit the server list and access Windows native Date and Time settings from the main window.

You can turn to this application if you need to synchronize the clock on your computer with various NTP servers. In order to do so, you just need to select your favorite server from the combo menu and hit the Synchronize button.

It is possible to adjust a few parameters, such as toggling automatic synchronization, enabling autorun or setting an offset adjustment if needed. More so, you can reload the server list or check the time by pressing the corresponding buttons. The system time is displayed in the Operations pane.

To sum it up, Emsa Time Synchronizer is a handy application that enables you to synchronize your computer's time with various NTP servers. It comes with a simplistic user interface and packs intuitive functions, but launching it can be troublesome and requires you to manually register a certain component on your PC.