Present times represent a real challenge when it comes to cybernetic privacy or safe and secure Internet browsing. Regardless if users wish to connect to a network or just prefer to surf the Internet and maintain protection over their privacy, will offer connection protection for desktop and mobile devices through a built-in VPN that doesn’t require any particular configuration or complicated settings. sports a simple, tray area-accessible interface that holds only the bare minimum of features that are required for defining a secure connection. This will be highly appreciated by users who do not wish to get their head tangled in various complex settings.

Once deployed, the app will automatically run a start-up cycle and then enable the connection protection without any user interaction. It is, however, worth mentioning that people will require to set-up an account before deploying the app itself.

The fact that the application doesn’t require any prior configuration and that it will perform the encryption automatically after logging-in means that users that aren’t familiarized with the concept of Virtual Private Networks will not have any issues.

More demanding users will have access to several more in-depth settings, that will enable them to find the fastest server in their area or establish a secure connection directly to another country. Manually adding trusted WiFi networks is also another notable feature for those who wish to dwell even deeper into the app’s settings.

All-in-all, proves to be a life-saver for people who require quick and effective deployment of safe Internet browsing and do not wish to tamper with complicate VPN settings. Thanks to its automatic encryption and built-in Virtual Private Network features, this app will save your privacy when online.