energyXT is a reliable and lightweight VST sequencer worth having when you need to create and record music with virtual instruments and drum loops.

energyXT provides you with a streamlined interface from where you can easily select the available music samples, view the installed audio presets and preview the components that the application supports.

The first window that appears enables you to start a new project or select one from the existing demos, so you can preview the application's functionality and test its features.

From the main window of the app, you can quickly access the transport controls that allow you to play, rewind, toggle looping on or off and record music.

The menu bar is very intuitive and lets you to insert new song bars, add a new track in the current project, view the tempo or the time signature track, as well as to enable or disable features like 'Monitor' or 'MIDI thru'.

energyXT also enables you to drag and drop instruments, samples and loops on the opened track, as well as to add effects such as reverb, delay, phaser or bit crusher to each track sequence that you want.

Specially designed for music composers, the aforementioned application provides support for MIDI, audio and drum parts that can be saved as self-containing library clips, as well as for 16, 24 or 32 bit mono and stereo WAV formats.

Likewise, energyXT supports standard VST instruments and effects and provides you with a clip-based automation option of all mixer and VST parameters, an editor for MIDI and audio parts and a phase modulation synthesizer.

The application has a good response time and does not put a strain on system performance, as it uses low amount of CPU and RAM. energyXT offers a user-friendly environment for recording tracks and creating music with virtual instruments.