Translation tools and dictionaries come in many flavors and under may appearances, some more attractive, others strictly bent on the practical aspect. Practicing and testing one's skills and proficiency in a language can be done in a fun way, using utilities like English Hindi Dictionary - Lite.

This particular software doesn't act like a classical translation program, nor does it provide functions you would expect from a dictionary. Under the guise of a multiple choice quiz, the application will put the Hindi or English language knowledge to the test for its users.

The Java-based tool has a very simple interface, with really easy to use commands. Thus, you will be able to select the desired language and then opt for one of the two available levels, depending on your ability to understand Hindi or English.

Pressing 'New' will bring in front a new query and the method of solving them is the most straightforward: just click on the answer you think is correct. English Hindi Dictionary - Lite will then let you know if you got it right and in case you didn't, it displays the correct answer, so you won't make the same mistake twice.

On the lower part of the main window, you will notice two boxes that indicate 'Score' and 'Lives'. This is because English Hindi Dictionary - Lite counts the times you answered correctly and gives you 10 chances to err. When these opportunities are spent, the game ends and you will see your overall score.

Fact of the matter is that English Hindi Dictionary - Lite is no more than an entertaining way of testing your language skills and it can actually help in consolidating existing knowledge. However, as a dictionary, it doesn't deliver what the user would expect from such a tool and this fact may diminish it's value.