English Macedonian Dictionary - Lite is a small software application developed specifically for helping you perform word translations from English into Macedonian or vice versa with the aid of a dictionary. In order to make use of the program’s capabilities, you need to install Java on the target computer.

You can keep the dictionary stored on USB flash drives or other similar portable devices in order to have it with you all the time. Plus, you can open it straight from the storage device without having to possess administrative privileges.

You can get access to the dictionary’s interface by running the executable file because you do not have to follow the built-in steps included in an installation process. It’s easy to get rid of it in case you no longer need it. A simple deletion task does the job because the utility does not create entries in your Windows registry.

English Macedonian Dictionary - Lite does not impress much in the visual department. It reveals a plain design that has only a few configuration settings to offer. A help manual is not included in the package so you need to experiment a little bit with the dedicated parameters in order to understand how it works.

The application gives you the possibility to pick the preferred translation direction from a drop-down list, namely English to Macedonian or vice versa. What’s more, you are allowed input words directly in the main window or paste them from the clipboard.

English Macedonian Dictionary - Lite offers you the freedom to copy the translations to the clipboard so you can quickly paste them into other third-party tools, as well as install the dictionary on your mobile phone.

You may also verify your knowledge by taking a test where you have to select the correct answer, check out the correct answer, choose between two different levels, and view the total score.

All in all, English Macedonian Dictionary -Lite comes bundled with nothing more than basic features for helping you perform translations, and is suitable especially for less experienced users. On the downside, you cannot view examples, detailed explanations, and grammatical information.