English Malayalam Dictionary is a translation service wrapped in the form of a Google Chrome extension. It integrates nicely in the browser, allowing for instant access to translations whenever you want.

Malayalam language is a language of Dravidian origin and is spoken in India, mostly in the state of Kerala. More than 35 million people use it all over the world, according to a recent study. Besides being spoken by the population of Kerala, the language is also used by a large crowd of expatriates in America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

Since the popularity of this language is undeniable, the need for a dictionary to translate English words to Malayalam became more stringent by the day. Taking into consideration that Google itself lacks the possibility to perform English to Malayalam translations, providing users with a service that can achieve the task was a must.

English Malayalam Dictionary was one of the first releases of this type, and probably the most popular up until now. The translation is ensured via a Google Chrome extension, which means users will be able to access the dictionary only from inside of this browser.

Installation is not rocket science, just drag the CRX file inside Chrome and give it permission to install. Soon after deployment, you should be able to view a button in the browser’s addon bar (right upper corner); click it in order to display the translation dialogue, enter the word to be processed and the results are displayed instantly.

One major drawback is that translations cannot be copied to the clipboard, because they are made available via pictures (GIF extension) and not in the form of a text. Also, another disadvantage is that the addon lacks the ability to translate expressions or phrases.

In conclusion, English Malayalam Dictionary can prove itself useful, especially to people who originate from Kerala and other Malayalam speaking Indian countries. The fact that the extension is limited to translating one word at a time is clearly a shortcoming that should be overcome in the next releases.