English Nepali Dictionary is a practical and effective Java-based application especially designed for users who are eager to learn a new language or to improve their knowledge in Nepali expressions and words.

The main window of the program is very simple and although advanced options are not presented in order to customize your searches, you can easily specify the word you are interested in, then translate it.

Additionally, from the bottom pane of the application you are able to change the language you want to translate to. This way, you can choose to translate specific words to English or to Nepali language.

Since English Nepali Dictionary is optimized with the most commonly used words, you can either type the word you want to translate or simply press the ‘New’ button and view a different word along with its meaning.

Although the application does not provide you with examples and definitions for a better understanding, what’s quite interesting is that it allows you to choose the right translated word from the main window and corrects you each time you are wrong.

For instance, in case you want to translate from Nepali to English, you need to choose the level you are interested in and the language you want to translate from, then select the translated word that corresponds with its original meaning. In case you choose the wrong answer, the application will automatically display the correct one for you.

Considering all of the above, English Nepali Dictionary is a reliable program that comes in handy for business people, travelers and foreign language students who need to turn their computer into a personal language communication assistant.