If you are traveling to Russia or a neighboring country that speaks Russian and you don’t speak the language at all but you need to conduct basic conversation, you can try the English-Russian Phrasebook, a lightweight app that lets you study and exercise some of the most used phrases that can help you communicate your messages.

Due to its reduced size and undemanding process, the interface is built as a single window that acts as a preview pane for the phrases. The toolbar provides access to the apps topics and settings and nothing more excepting that.

Pick a topic and run it

In order to start displaying phrases, you have to pick the topic. By clicking “Start” the phrases are going to be loaded and cycled. The cycle speed can be changed from “Settings,” actually that is the only available one.

Every topic has a different number of phrases. The phrases are listed as three stacking rows. The first row hold the English phrase, the second one shows the Russian translation but with Cyrillic characters and the third row hold the Russian translation but with Latin characters. Furthermore, the phrase is accompanied by an interrogation or exclamation symbol that highlights its nature.

You can always pause the cycle and exercise your pronunciation if you feel that even the slowest speed is going too fast. On the downside, the app has no voice option, which would have come in handy for users that don’t know how to pronounce Russian words.

English-Russian Phrasebook is a useful tool that allows you to exercise your Russian communication skills by displaying translated English phrases that cover the most basic dialogues for both languages. Due to its simple UI and quick process, the app can serve both experienced and inexperienced users.