English Spell Check for Windows 8 is a lightweight software application built specifically for Windows 8 users in order to help them quickly spell English texts.

It proves to be particularly useful especially when you are using tools that do not offer support for spell checking options. You may verify the spelling of your email messages or homework, or other important text data.

There’s not much to brag about the user interface, as it offers support for only a few configuration settings to play with. The main panel is divided into two main areas, with one allowing you to input the text that you want to check, while the other provides the spell-checked version of the text.

English Spell Check for Windows 8 gives you the possibility to simply type in the text directly into the primary panel or paste the information from other third-party tools.

The entire process seems nothing but a child’s play, as you only need to input the text and press the “Run Spellcheck” button, and the program automatically highlights the wrong entries with red. Plus, you can view the correct version for each word displayed in individual text boxes.

What’s more, the tool offers support for basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste, delete), and lets you undo your actions and copy the spell-checked text to the clipboard, so you can paste it into the desired utility that offers support for text input.

The lack of configurable settings makes it an ideal tool especially for less experienced users, as they can learn to master the entire process in no time.

To sum things up, English Spell Check for Windows 8 offers a simple software solution when it comes to helping you check the spelling for custom English text messages.