Reading can be a pleasant leisure activity, but sometimes you might encounter certain issues. For instance, if you prefer a modern approach and rely on a hand-held device for reading, you might not be able to access your content.

Fortunately, there are various software solutions, such as ePageCreator, that can help you fix file compatibility issues by converting your documents to more accessible formats.

Note that this application requires Adobe Flash Player in order to run properly.

Thanks to its simplistic layout, users can easily understand and access this application's functions, without needing advanced PC operating skills. This program encompasses various features that are rather intuitive, therefore providing even novices with enhanced accessibility.

Additionally, it integrates a standard configuration window that you can turn to if you want to customize your experience to the finest detail.

You can rely on ePageCreator if you need a simple way of converting your PDF, SWF and image documents to a more accessible format so that you can easily access them from your handheld device.

Additionally, this application allows you to insert additional content to your projects, including videos, pictures, audio tracks, buttons and links. Each of these elements can be configured from their corresponding sections, before integrating them into your documents.

It is possible to export your projects to several formats, in an attempt to make your documents accessible from a wide spectrum of devices. The application supports exporting your content to HTML, EXE, APP, ePub or MOBI file types.

In conclusion, ePageCreator is a reliable eBook creator that provides you with numerous useful tools and provides support for several formats. You can turn to this application if you need a convenient way to convert multiple PDF, SWF or image files to more handheld-friendly formats.