epicraft Invoice is a lightweight and intuitive software solution whose main function is to help sales managers and business owners quickly generate billing invoices for their clients.

The program is fairly easy to understand and work with, while its tidy interface allows users to perform the tasks at hand without being confused or distracted by too many buttons and icons, as it sometimes happens with professional tools.

The three main operations that users can perform in epicraft Invoice are creating invoices, adding customers and adding items. Nonetheless, the application does not use complex language or advanced business terminology, making it plain and simple where users need to enter the name, the price, or the quantity.

When done, they can press 'Save' and the data is recorded into the utility, for later. Additionally, users have the option of printing the generated invoices, to send them to their clients or store them into their physical archive, for good measure.

Moreover, users can add and manage payments made by their customers, or create payment reminders, enabling them to bring the situation to the attention of their clients, as soon as the deadline approaches. Another feature of epicraft Invoice is the ability to generate reports for a series of criteria, such as 'Sales by Customer', 'Sales by Date', 'Sales by Invoice', 'Bookkeeping Report' and several others, with some of the reports being displayed as diagrams, for easier understanding.

epicraft Invoice even allows users to manage the finances of multiple businesses at the same time, by adding two or more companies to the list and letting users choose which one they wish to work with every time they launch the application.

Thanks to its user-friendliness as well as its simplified interface and business jargon, epicraft Invoice proves to be a great tool can be used by any company manager, regardless of their level of experience with similar utilities.