E-books have become the preferred method of reading, thanks to the wide array of hand-held devices that are out on the market. Despite that, they still need to be opened on your computer, whether to check their contents, or to verify their quality.

EPUB is one the most widespread e-book formats out there, designed specifically too be used on the aforementioned devices. Epub-Ebook Reader, on the other hand, is a software utility that enables you to open and read these documents on your computer, by offering you the complete package when it comes to text and images.

Even though the interface is as simple as it can get without defeating the purpose, it can properly contain and display every bit of information that is available inside the desired electronic book. As far as formatting and pagination is concerned, it can recognize bold text, anchors and italics, as well as various font sizes, but the page itself does not really respect any form of padding to make the text easier to read.

Since the utility uses a few Internet Explorer components to render the contents, you can make use of some of the same options, if you access the right-click menu. Hence, you can save the images that interest you on your computer, as well as view the source of the document as a plain text file, or even set the pictures as your desktop background.

The text can also be easily copied and transferred to other applications, using the basic copy-paste function, but you can change the default encoding as well. In addition, the entire file can be printed on paper, while the photos can be sent as attachments using the desired email client installed on your computer.

Albeit rudimentary and lacking when it comes to features, Epub-Ebook Reader achieves its goal and it can be successfully used as an EPUB reader, if only to get a preview of the documents before exporting them to the device of your choosing.