Eroiica Lite - Stand-alone or integrated with EDM/PDM/ERP/Workflow/etc. via its rich API, Eroiica Lite facilitates fast and accurate viewing, printing and conversion of hundreds of engineering size CAD/CAM/CAE document formats - 2/3D vector, raster, text or hybrid formats.

Eroiica is suitable for visualization solutions in the A/E/C, Engineering, Manufacturing and Electronics markets with requirements to support hundreds of CAD & raster formats outside of the "often expensive" native applications such as AutoCAD, Microstation, etc.

Here are some key features of "Eroiica Lite":

■ View 3D CAD documents including extrusions, external references, viewports, etc;

■ View ACIS models, body objects, solids, regions etc. stored in AutoCAD DWG drawings;

■ View ACIS models, body objects, solids, regions etc. stored in SAT files;

■ View Paper Space and/or Model Space in AutoCAD drawings;

■ Display Eroiica Measurement window and measure distances and objects using imperial, metric, custom, or Windows default units;

■ Set width and color for 255 HPGL pens;

■ Open documents regardless of their file extension (Auto-format sensing);(h)Grayscale documents for better readability;

■ Mix page formats and sizes within a document;

■ Enhance document readability with sampling, mirroring, gray scaling, inverting and many other options;

■ Use Eroiica Contents window to manage layers: turn them on or off, delete, show, hide, print, add new or access existing layers in CAD documents;

■ Preserve layer information from CAD files such as AutoCAD and Microstation;

■ Selectively show, hide and alter the color of CAD layers using the Eroiica Contents window;

■ Use sophisticated color palette management for exceptional display and print results in advanced color operations;

■ Navigate easily through any document: pan, zoom, rotate and scroll. Display multiple views of a document. Take a closer look in Eroiica's Detail window and see the big picture in the Reference window;

What's New in This Release: