Virtual job interviews or video calls are more and more frequent nowadays, and so are the software solutions that help you set them up.

If you chose Microsoft Teams as your go-to chat app, then you can also try Evaer for Teams, useful for recording any call you might make or receive.

The graphical interface is straightforward and user-friendly, as you only need to press a single button to start a new recording.

Entries for all the recordings you make are neatly shown in the main window and right-clicking one of them allows you to play or rename it, open its folder or attach a brief note to it.

When you want to automate the operations supported by Evaer for Teams, you need to tinker with its settings.

This way, you can set it to start recording automatically as soon as a Teams call is detected. You can also set the app to run the second you launch Teams. Alternatively, you can learn the hotkeys associated with starting and stopping a recording, and use them whenever you want.

Due to Evaer for Teams, you can recordĀ  the video stream of both sides, only your side or only the remote side. You can choose the mode that you like best from side by side landscape or portrait, picture in picture or separate video files.

Furthermore, you can select the output format (MP4 or AVI), the codec and frame rate, as well as the resolution and aspect ratio.

All in all, Evaer for Teams can help you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to recording video or audio calls performed when using Teams.