Normally, when sending a message via Gmail, there is no way of knowing if or when it has been opened. Evolutics - Email Tracker is a useful Google Chrome extension that provides you with this information and includes several other interesting features.

The extension is very simple to install and configure, as you only need to grant it the necessary permissions after logging into your Google account. It is integrated into the Gmail web UI, and it does not look out of place.

When one of your emails has been opened by the recipient, Evolutics - Email Tracker logs the exact time when this action was performed, even if the message is read multiple times.

A notification is displayed when new events require your attention, and a detailed history of recent message activity can be accessed easily at any time.

You can sort sent emails based on their current status, making it simple to keep track of which of them have been opened and read by the recipients.

While these features cannot be used at present, Evolutics - Email Tracker is designed to help you create message templates, complete with attachments, and organize them into relevant categories.

It also comes with an analysis tool that should make it possible to assess the effectiveness of templates and determine which of them are used most often.

All in all, Evolutics - Email Tracker is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that extends the functionality of the Gmail service by enabling you to keep track of the status of sent email messages.

It is very easy to use, and it provides you with quick access to all the logged information, but some of the included functions have not yet been fully implemented.