In order to prepare for a test, you need to to thoroughly study all the areas of interest regarding the main subject. Computer science fields, especially the theory that stands behind Network protocols and theories usually cover more areas, such as Network Technologies, Media and Topologies, Devices, Management, Tools and Security.

Exam Simulator for Network+ is a handy application specifically designed to help you prepare for such an exam. It gives you the possibility to study the theories and hypotheses that are covered by Network+ exams, then simulate such tests.

The application provides you with a convenient way of testing your knowledge related to the Network technologies and protocols. This way you can fully prepare for an exam that specifically covers this field of interest.

Additionally, you can use the program in a couple of modes, each helping you assimilate computer networks-related information. The Learn mode displays the correct answers to the questions displayed by the application, so that you can learn before using the second mode, which consists of an exam simulator, in which you have to answer correctly to several questions.

Exam Simulator for Network+ offers several ways of testing your knowledge in a field. It displays various question types, such as single or multiple choice, exhibit types or flash cards. All these are designed to help you assimilate the knowledge regarding the computer network protocols.

Furthermore, at the end of a test you are shown your final result, based on the answers you chose. This way, you can easily retake the test and revise the fields of interest that are covered by the questions answered incorrectly.

To sum it up, Exam Simulator for Network+ helps you test and further improve your knowledge regarding computer networks, by simulating exams that cover this field.