When working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, it can be easy to add various entries more than once, especially when managing large projects. However, finding and removing them is a time-consuming task, as it involves manually searching for and deleting duplicate items.

Excel Duplicate Manager is a simple Microsoft Excel add-in that aims to help you in this regard, as it can automatically detect and remove unnecessary entries. It also offers other useful functions, enabling you to count duplicate or unique rows, as well as prevent such entries from being added in the future.

The program is quite intuitive, as its functions are relatively straightforward and easy-to-access.

After installation, the program is integrated into the Microsoft Excel interface, enabling you to access its functions quickly, whenever you open a spreadsheet.

Excel Duplicate Manager can count the number of duplicate and unique rows in an analyzed file and color-code entries that are present more than once, making them simple to locate.

Once you have analyzed a particular document, you can have the application delete all identical entries, except the ones that were introduced first.

Should you need to perform this operation, it is also possible to remove all the unique entries in the spreadsheet while keeping the detected duplicates.

The application also offers a handy function that can be used to prevent duplicate entries from being added in the future. This feature can prove to be very helpful, as it reduces the amount of time that needs to be spent correcting your finalized spreadsheet.

All in all, this is a simple and easy-to-use piece of software, designed to help you manage duplicate items in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It offers several useful functions, enabling you to count duplicate or unique rows, color-code identical items and quickly remove entries.