Excel Merger is a compact tool able to join multiple Excel workbooks or spreadsheets together, in a single file. Also, it can merge specific items inside a document and can process and output your files to several more formats.

The application offers a swift and straightforward merging. You can easily join spreadsheets, workbooks, columns, rows, and other types of documents, like ODS, CSV, or XML. Not only you can join different files together, but you can opt for a different output format than the ones involved.

As an idea, it would be great to have at least the MS Excel installed, just to be able to check the results after joining. However, if you don't have an app to open and view the files, you can still easily merge them.

The UI allows is built to allow you a swift merge for your files. You can use the drag and drop function to get your files ready, then you can determine what parts can be merged (sheets, rows, columns), as well as the output format you wish to apply to the processed item.

Furthermore, if you intend to merge rows or columns only, right below the Merge menu you can find some extra features to play with. In fact, they are value boxes that help with rows/columns positioning and delimitations, and also a way of keeping or discarding the empty rows.

Excel Merger has a high-capacity bulk operation that ensures you 100 merged files in one go. Even if you would need to join more than a hundred spreadsheets, the app can help you, but you hit the paywall from that value up.

Excel Merger is a quick and nifty tool that provides you with a quick way of joining dozens of Excel spreadsheets as well as other related files. It takes almost no space on your drive and its intuitive interface can make it a favorite for both experienced and new users.