Excel-Tool Split Excel Sheet is a simple to use Excel add-in, designed to help you divide a spreadsheet into multiple sub-sheets, containing selective data from the initial document. It is useful when working with large spreadsheets, since it can split them into smaller, easier to handle sheets.

The software can divide a spreadsheet by columns, meaning that you can obtain multiple sub-sheets based on the field in a specific column. In other words, the add-in can read the data contained in a specific field of the selected column and create a new sheet that includes similar information.

You need to specify which worksheet you wish to modify, select the column, then choose from the available data, what to transfer to the new sub-sheet. The software can save the output documents to the pre-selected destination folder.

Excel-Tool Split Excel Sheet enables you to transfer information from the initial worksheet to new sub-sheets, or create separate workbooks. Thus, you can divide a large file to multiple sub-divisions, according to your preferences and work style. Moreover, if your workbook contains multiple sheets, you can split each sheet individually.

Additionally, you may maintain the sheet formatting configuration, or disable the dedicated option. In the latter case, you can let the add-in create a new worksheet based on the default format settings. Excel-Tool Split Excel Sheet is a useful sorting tool, since it can divide the bulk of information to spreadsheets containing similar data.

Excel-Tool Split Excel Sheet can be an invaluable time saver, when you need to work with complex spreadsheets, since it can divide large Excel documents into smaller sheets, that are easier to work with. Additionally, it can serve as a sorting tool, since it collects similar information from the selected column and renders it into the new spreadsheets.