ExcelDecryptor is a comprehensive tool that allows you to quickly decrypt protected Microsoft Excel workbooks. The program also allows you to change the passwords for these files or remove it altogether. The application applies cryptanalysis algorithms in order to remove the original password protecting the spreadsheet.

ExcelDecryptor can only work with Microsoft Excel documents, as long as they were created with 97 or 2000 compatible protection. The .XLS and .XLT format files, generated with Excel 2003 or saved with Excel 2007/2010 can be processed.

The program requires that you create a project prior to adding the .XLS files, by clicking the button in the quick command ribbon. The ExcelDecryptor document that you create is a contained that is capable of storing data, processing progres, file records, logs or reset keys.

You may add several files to the current project, however, the application requires a significant amount of computer resources, especially CPU. In other words, the more files you add, the longer the process might take.

Once the password identification process is finished, the files that were decrypted are marked with a different type of icon. However, the passwords are not recovered, only reset, which means that you may either remove them or replace them.

Additionally, you can open the Excel Write-Protection, Workbook and Sheet passwords window, in order to view the current keyphrases restricting the access to the selected file. The analyzed workbook requires to be decrypted in advance, in order to be processed with this function.

ExcelDecryptor supports decoding Excel files, with ease, then allows you to modify the password or remove it altogether. An activity log indicates each action that takes place, marking errors, as well as the finding of encryption keys. The software is easy to use and requires minimal user intervention, since the process is automatic.