In case you’re fond of coding and often create programs or games, it’s a good idea to also create an installer for perfect deployment of content. Doing this through coding requires some effort and skill, so you might want to rely on specialized applications like EXEpress in order to bundle everything in a customizable setup package.

With the application deployed on your computer, all you need to create the installer is a CAB file. Simply loading this file and specifying a destination is enough to start the creation process, with an EXE setup package delivered to a location of choice shortly after. However, there are a lot more you can do to make the installer personal.

First of all, you might want to know that the application has a built-in CAB archive creator. It’s easy to use, and mostly requires you to select files and folders you want to deliver through the package. It’s a good idea to first arrange source files as required inside a folder, and simply select it to be packed as a CAB.

Accessing the detailed settings panel is where you get to have all the fun, or where things get serious. Options here take you through the means of tweaking nearly everything from the installer visual style and banners, to automatic execution, uninstaller, and special process.

It’s possible to restrict the installer to particular Windows versions, and even force it to ask for Power User rights or higher. Design elements let you insert a custom logo, icon, labels, background, description text, and more. You can deliver shortcuts in multiple locations. The program can be set to automatically create a destination folder, even without the possibility for the user to change it.

Bottom line is that some programs might require the deployment of files in some locations difficult to reach by regular or inexperienced users, and this is where a setup package shines. EXEpress provides the depth you need to build powerful installers, or even simple ones starting from a CAB file.