EXIF metadata usually accompanies the photographs you took using a digital camera. While it can be useful to store info about your camera make and model, lighting and so on, you might want to remove it all before sharing an image online or sending it to third-parties.

And this is where dedicated apps like Exif Remover can come in handy.

The main window of this software solution is straightforward and user-friendly, meaning that you do not need to have expert technical knowledge to benefit from it.

First off, you need to set up a list with all the graphic files whose EXIF you want to strip. You can either browse to their location manually or you can drag and drop them onto the main window.

In addition to clearing all metadata from your pictures with a single mouse click, you can also use Exif Remover to also reset the creation date of your images.

Moreover, you can strip the last modification date from your graphical files.

After all, clearing the pics creation dates can help you protect your privacy even more, in addition to removing their metadata.

A very nifty function of Exif Remover is that you can integrate it within the context menu of your images.

Unlike similar tools, the app does not automatically add a new dedicated entry in the right-click menu of any compatible photo. Instead, you need to create a list with all the formats you want to be supported by the feature.

All in all, Exif Remover can help you simplify the process of stripping your digital photos of their metadata, while also speeding things up due to its batch support. The watch folder function can automate the workflow so no additional actions are required.