Expired Domains Buddy is a reliable application that allows you to view an updated list with expired Internet domains straight from your desktop. The application can display the list of expired domains, that it retrieves from its website. Moreover, it also displays relevant data for each domain it retrieves.

Expired Domains Buddy can bring a list of recently expired domains straight to your desktop, with updated information, every day. The software displays the list of domains in its interface along with relevant data, such as a total number of backlinks or referring domains and IPs.

Moreover, the software can also indicate the niches the website was more active in, auth codes, or anchor texts. Other data columns display PR and backlinks, domain authority, page authority, the domain’s Moz rank, the TF range, Web-based management, referring domains, IPs and subnet. The domain extensions are also displayed in a designated column, next to the domain names.

Expired Domains Buddy allows you to add or remove any of the supported data columns, in order to obtain a simplified view or a more comprehensive one. You may easily check or uncheck the column names from the designated menu, at the top left side of the window. The effects are instantaneous.

The software can retrieve the entire data pack, therefore, whenever you wish to unhide certain columns, the data instantly appears. The activity log of the website retrieval is renewed each time you open the program or whenever a new expired domain is being retrieved.

Expired Domains Buddy can bring you a list of domain names that are no longer in use, right to your desktop. The software requires Internet connection, however it can quickly display an updated list of expired domains, with high TF/D range, checked for spam and suitable for PBN use.