9GAG lovers who use a desktop, laptop or tablet typically have to resort to a web browser to visit the 9GAG site to find the latest and most popular posts. However, if you happen to be running Windows 10, you can turn to Explorer for 9GAG instead, which offers a more comfortable interface and faster way to interact with 9GAG.

This app can be seamlessly downloaded from the Store, installed and pinned to your Start Screen for quick access using your Microsoft account. It's wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, enabling you to filter 9GAG posts by "Hot", "Trending" and "Fresh" from the upper part of the window.

By clicking the burger button on the upper-left corner, you open a menu where you can access additional post groups, such as "WTF", "GIF", "Halloween", "NSFW", "Gaming", and "Movie & TV." Furthermore, you can log in using a Google+ or Facebook account, or by entering your 9GAG username and password, in order to upvote and downvote posts as well as to leave comments and upload your own posts.

It's also possible to save favorite images to your computer (including GIF animations), share favorite posts with your friends, look up 9GAG posts using a search function, and reply to comments. GIF comments are supported on Windows 10 Anniversary, and you can also watch 9GAG.tv.

As far as program preferences are concerned, you can enable live tiles and notifications, hide the "NEW POST" banner that appears on the upper part of the window, allow GIFs to auto-play without clicking them, and allow long posts to automatically expand. The theme color can be changed while the cache can be cleared with one click to free up space.

The tool worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. It loaded posts fairly quick and had minimal impact on the computer's performance. All aspects considered, Explorer for 9GAG offers a comfortable interface and plenty of features for interacting with 9GAG as a viewer only or active participant.