There are various methods to keep your files safe or backed up, and a popular method is to do this on cloud services. Google offers its own service in this regard, and you can access it from nearly any device. As such, Explorer for G-Drive for Windows 10 allows you to connect from the comfort of the desktop to manage your files and documents.

Needless to say that one of the first steps is to connect with your Google account, so you need to make sure you Internet connection is up and running. On the bright side of things, different accounts can be used and remembered, with the possibility to quickly make the switch during the navigation session.

You’re taken directly to your Google Drive content. It’s organized in several categories, such as my drive, shared with me, starred, recent, trash, and progress. What’s more, the application lets you apply filters to narrow down results, and you can even use the built-in search field for even faster identification of items of interest.

Management is done through the context menu, with the possibility to select one or more items, rename, copy, cut, paste, remove, and even grant edit or view access to other Google users. Items can be viewed, but some might require download in case your PC and Google Drive are not synchronized.

Apart from files on your Google Drive storage space, the application also provides access to documents. A cool thing is that these can be completely edited from the interface, without having to open up your browser. There’s also a built-in drawing tool which lets you create instructions to share with others.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Explorer for G-Drive for Windows 10 is a neat way to access your Google Drive files and documents. Items can be viewed, edited, downloaded, uploaded, and shared with other Google users, making it worth your while overall.