Export List Plug-in for Lightroom is a practical and useful piece of software aimed to provide photographers who favor Adobe Lightroom for their editing tasks, with the means of generating detailed reports on the pictures that have been exported.

The tool supports all version of Lightroom, from 2 and upwards, so there should be no problem in working with it, regardless of the version you have on your system. Once installed, it can be found in the ‘Post-Process Actions’ or the ‘Publish’ sections.

Export List Plug-in for Lightroom features two distinct functioning modes, depending on your particular preferences. As such, you can either use ‘Interactive Selections’ or ‘Exported Photos’, each with different purposes.

Using the ‘Exported Photos’ method, you can use the plugin as a post-processing action for the concerned output operations (publish and export). However, with ‘Interactive Selection’, the report is generated only for files that are currently selected.

Export List Plug-in for Lightroom can output reports in a variety of formats, including HTML, TXT, XML, CSV, Excel, JSON and others, so you can easily pick the one that best suits your requirements.

The data included in the generated report can feature details about date and time when the files were edited, file and folder name, dimensions, cropped size, ‘Exposure’ level, ‘Focal Length’ information, ‘Exposure Bias’, ‘Metering Mode’, ‘Camera Make’ and ‘Model’.

Moreover, depending on the information contained in the photographs, as well as the output format or chosen functioning mode, Export List Plug-in for Lightroom can also include thumbnails or GPS data in the report.