ExpressVPN is a web browser extension that acts like a remote control for the app with the same name. Both of them require you to have a paid subscription in order to function. You need to have the desktop version installed in order to be able to use the extension. EspressVPN gives you instant access to your VPN. You can connect to a network with a single click and start browsing securely. The extension spoofs your location. It stops HTML5 geolocation from revealing your location. This allows you to visit or use certain websites or programs that would normally block your access due to where you are situated. ExpressVPN is also able to block webRTC. This prevents websites from finding out your IP address and location. The extension has a secure feature named HTTPS Everywhere. This helps you by automatically connecting you to more secure versions of websites. The service allows you to connect to any of the over 3000 VPN servers from 160 locations throughout 94 countries, offering you unlimited bandwidth and speeds. It also contains the TrustedServer technology and powerful encryption which protect you from hackers and trackers. This helps to secure your connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots.