Examining websites for content, referrals, internal or external links can be a pretty laborious process if carried out manually, or using browsers’ page examining capabilities. Fortunately, specialized software can save users from going through such trouble and this is exactly what External Link Detector and it’s array of identification features were designed for.

The app’s main functionality revolves around providing the URL for the identification process and users will have to manually paste the link in the provided input field. No automatic detection of the copied link is available and this could be impeding the handling efficiency.

Once the URL has been inputted and the process initialized, the app will list in its two main panels, the internal and external links, respectively. Exporting of the links from either category is available, but only globally.

When going past the basic tools, if more advanced users wish to tweak their search even more, for a more efficient processing, the app does hold some features to help with that. Several search agents are available and the connection and response timeout can be inputted manually.

In order to make a search more efficient, users can also add certain URLs that are to be ignored or extensions that are to be avoided. There are a number of extensions that are supported, ICO, JPEG, CSS, EXE, PDF or PPTX just to name a few.

Analyzing websites and filtering through data for identifying external links will be a far easier task when using this software. Not only does it offer a competent package with multiple useful features, but it does so in a very accessible manner.