As you work in the program, you manipulate it by selecting a tag. "Extract Block With Condition" splits the content delimited by the selected tag and save it as separate file(s). The program will extract the entire content inside the hand-picked tag's block, so that it won't extract content inside a second nesting tag within this block of code. Content outside the selected tagged block will not be extracted.

This application will process the user-chosen block and will apply it two filters. The first filter checks a condition of an enclosure. The second filter checks presence or absence of a sequence of symbols.

Task: Extract the blocks of HTML code into separate smaller files:

· Program finds the given tags (TABLE, DIV etc.).

· Program examines condition tag nesting: Nesting of the same tag type is saved in one block.

· (OPTIONAL) Extract only the HTML tag with a HTML Attributes Reference (any code string).

Example 1: id="Block1"

Example 2: id="Blo

Example 3: id="Block1" class='M1'

· (OPTIONAL) Heads of source files are inserted in the produced files.