Have you ever left your home to go on vacation, and wished you could keep an eye on it? Have you ever left your office and wondered if someone goes in it while you are gone? Have you ever wanted to know who has been stepping on the begonias in your garden while you are not looking? If you ever felt the need to keep an eye on something than the Eye of Horus is the software for you!

You can be anywhere in the world and still feel that your assets are safe because the Eye of Horus software will: Call you on your cellphone if an intruder is detected! Play a loud sound to scare the intruder away! Email you pictures of the intruder!

Continuosly ftp pictures of your assets to a a website, so you can see them in realtime whenever you want, no matter where you are. The Eye of Horus is the ultimate home and office surveillance software.

The Eye of Horus has all the features you might expect from a surveillance system. These include:

Notifying you that an intruder has been detected no matter where you are! This can be achieved by phone or by email.

As soon as you are notified you can immediatly see the intruder! You just need to check the pictures you got in your email, or you can see a live picture of what is going on using a browser. If your cellphone has a browser you do not even need a computer to do this, you can see everything with your cellphone!

Plus the software will play an alarm sound that should be enough to scare the intruder away!

You can also use the Eye of Horus for other appplications. For example, you can have the software play a "I'll be right back!" message to visitors of your office when you are not there. Or you can ignore the motion detection mechanism and simply use the software to add live webcam images to your website. Use you imagination!

For all of this to be achieved you just need a webcam that supports Video For Windows, which most webcams do. You should also have a modem connected to the phone line so the phone feature will work. And finally the email and ftp features require a broadband connection to the Internet. Dial-up is also supported, but not recommended due to the lack of speed.