EyesProtector is an useful and efficient application designed to remind you to take healthy breaks during your extended work on the computer.

EyesProtector's graphic user interface is constituted of a small window that is minimized in the taskbar, but is always active and ready to remind you to take breaks.

The features of the program are organized in tabs, for easy access to the specific functions you wish to activate or modify.

The program displays timers to let you know how much time has passed since you have been working and when the next break is due.

Depending on the amount of work time, the application automatically calculates and suggests how long your next break should be.

EyesProtector not only reminds you to take breaks and rest your eyes, it even offers you to guide you to do eye gymnastics, assisted by a virtual avatar.

While doing the suggested eye exercises, since your eyes need to be closed, the application will notify you with sound when to open them.

Not only you can create multiple user profiles, but you can have multiple predefined settings for taking care of your eyes, ranging from normal to very strong eye protection.

You can set your own timers, break duration or how much time you should be allowed to work before the enforced break.

The application can notify you not only by visual interventions, but also by customizable sound notification.

In case you are working in an environment where others might be bothered by the sounds EyesProtector makes, you can easily disable the audio notification, or you can load more discrete sound files to be played.

EyesProtector proves to be an easy to use and efficient program that notifies you to take regular breaks from your computer, in order to protect your eyes from fatigue and preserve their health.